About Us

JP GLOBAL SUNRISE MARKETING SDN.BHD was incorporated in Malaysia in August 2014 as an importer, wholesaler and distributor of dry food products.  It takes almost 36 months for Madam Rajeswari Supurmaniam to research and identify Malaysian preferred taste Papadam or popularly known as Appalam in Tamil.  After rounds of negotiation with few manufacturers, the company decided to contract manufacture crispy & crunchy Malaysian papadam with Sri Valli Foods, India.

Since established JP GLOBAL SUNRISE MARKETING SDN.BHD focus itself in business development and marketing activities. Despite a short period of time of establishment it manages to cover some 500 food outlets and restaurants.

Realizing there is huge potential in dry food distribution the company appointed, Mr M Ramesh a person with more than 20 years experience in import and distribution as it’s General Manager.

Consumer should always understand that the food we eat every day is not only domestically produced but also imported from abroad.  It need to be channeled into supply chain as fast as possible so that it reaches consumer with its freshness.

We at Sunflower food products manage this complex distribution systems and mechanisms to as efficient as we could between the consumers  and our factories in South Asia.

Our vast marketing team members, utilities both traditional and new media to reach out our consumers. We frequently conduct market research and product promotions to understand our consumer more closer.


We want to be a leader in the high value snacks market by introducing  quality

and healthy products to Malaysian consumers while maximizing  stakeholders’ values.


Value Statement

We encourage full disclosure about our products.

We sell the highest quality products at all time

We want to satisfy , delight and nourish our customers

We support our team member happiness and excellence

We aim to create wealth through profits and growth